About us

Our goal is sustainability

The modern world needs products that respects Nature.  

Crowlish brings you the beauty and exuberance of a variety of world cultures.
Our product list is chosen keeping in mind the global awareness of our part in Nature. Our aim is to work honestly and with integrity to bring you the best gift items representing both fashion and a culture of sustainability.
As a business, we try to look beyond the bottom line, to the natural beauty and the heritage of world culture surrounding us. We want to offer you the opportunity to support by your purchases those causes dear to you: Nature itself and the unity of peoples who share in it.
Our collection from diverse sources will allow you to find the ideal gift. Spend some time checking our gallery of beautifully designed toiletry bags, tablet sleeves, paper storage, masks etc.
All items are handcrafted. Time and care have gone into making these unique and original gifts from top quality materials, sourced naturally and sustainably.
We started our journey in Japan in 2012, with an ethos drawn from the authenticity of cultural design, fashion and respect for the natural world. These are the features giving us a platform to present youthful fashion as a contributor to positive change.  
As an international brand, we are proud to bring you this choice.